Flyhawk has a new brass photo-etched set of name plates for battleships of the Royal Navy in World War Two. Actually this is the first set as Flyhawk set FH 700026 has four name plates. These are for Rodney, Nelson, King George V and Prince of Wales. The relief-etching is very well done with a excellent profile of the ship above the named and framed by white ensigns. Although Flyhawk says these name plates are for 1:700 scale, they appear applicable to almost any scale model of these four battleships.

RNam101.JPG (105171 bytes) RNam091.JPG (136465 bytes) RNam131.JPG (117567 bytes)
RNam151.JPG (127578 bytes) RNam171.JPG (141926 bytes) RNam181.JPG (124578 bytes)