You know, those guys in Japanese Naval Aviation are really good. Our flyboys are never around when you need them. If you want the surface ships to beat off a Val out of the sun or a Kate zipping in at wave top level, you have to outfit the Duck Hunters with good gear. We have the long distance 5-inch/25 and 5-inch/38 for long range work but you certainly need mid-range anti-aircraft weapons. Well, Flyhawk Model has the solution for early war USN vessels with set FH700032, USN Air Defense Weapons I in 1:700 scale. Three different medium range weapons types are included. Take that marvel of American technology, the quadruple 1.1-inch (28mm) anti-aircraft gun. With twelve of those burly mounts provided, the can fit out multiple battleships, carriers, cruisers and destroyers. What? The Chicago Pianos are jamming on you? You say they overheat quickly? You say the USN needs to go back to the drawing boards for a mid-range weapon system? 

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Well, the good ole USA is kind of savvy in the international arms market. After all we palmed off the Brewster Buffalo on the Brits and Finns. We can spot a good weapon system when we see it and those stoic Swedes have a hum-dinger in the 40mm Bofor gun. Instead of spending the time to develop a new mid-range weapon system, why we don't get a license to manufacturer the excellent Bofor gun? Probably the rarest configuration of Bofor 40mm mount in the USN is the single gun mount. With this relief-etched photo-etched set Flyhawk provides eight single gun mounts. If you want to upgrade your Duck Hunters to the much more common two gun rig, no sweat. You get twelve of the Bofor twin mounts. Anyway you wish to go for early war air defense Flyhawk has you covered with FH700032.

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