Flyhawk Model brass photo-etch set FH 700086 is designed to provide a wide array of railing for modern US Navy ships in 1:700 scale. Not designed for one particular model, Flyhawk decided to provide five different patterns of USN railing, as well as six different patterns of safety netting. A total of seventeen runs of railing and ten runs of safety netting are included on the fret.

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410USN5442.JPG (203474 bytes) 410USN5443.JPG (194711 bytes) 410USN5444.JPG (181015 bytes)
410USN5445.JPG (198357 bytes) 410USN5446.JPG (163901 bytes) 410USN5448.JPG (236034 bytes) 410USN5449.JPG (155732 bytes)
410USN5450.JPG (189798 bytes) 410USN5453.JPG (124021 bytes) 410USN5454.JPG (110430 bytes) 410USN5455.JPG (115527 bytes)