During World War Two carriers could be found in various flight conditions, depending upon if flight operations were imminent or if the ship was at Ulithi or another base or in transit. Of course there was nothing like an Essex or Yorktown class carrier with the aircraft spotted on the deck ready for a strike. On the other hand carrier decks could be absolutely cluttered during a maintenance cycle with aircraft, equipment and mechanics scattered everywhere. Up top tractors could be found towing aircraft or hauling bomb carts, with mechanics tending their charges for heavy maintenance or doing last minute tweaking. Down below, the hanger has alive with activity with equipment and even more mechanics. How do you display these conditions in 1:700 scale? With Flyhawk Model brass photo-etch fret FH700037, USN Aircraft Carrier Logistics Vehicles and Tools I  you can depict this beehive of activity. 

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This set in relief etched brass provides all of the ancillary equipment necessary to give you flight deck or hangar deck that satisfying cluttered look. The all purpose vehicle is the small tractor used for towing aircraft or bomb carts. There are six of these tractors found in FH700037. Each tractor is assembled from four parts, the chassis (14), the engine hood (12), the rear fenders (13) and the steering wheel (11). The numbers in the italics refer to the parts number on the fret and instructions. In the hangar could be found fork lifts, which could also be used for towing aircraft. The fret has five of these. Again, each fork lift has four pieces, the front assembly (16), the rear assembly (18), the lift (17), and the steering wheel (11). There are plenty of non powered pieces of equipment on the fret. There are 6 wheeled aircraft jacks (6),12 two-piece bomb carts (7 &8), 6 articulated two-piece bomb carts (9 & 10) and nine wheel barrows (15). For the tractors there are nine tow rope rigs for towing aircraft (5). Mechanics receive plenty of additional aircraft. There are three types of ladders for maintenance. One is a triangular step ladder (2) of which there are ten, six lattice braced step ladders (3), and nine straight ladders for engine work (4). Do you need to put a bird on blocks? Well for your hangar queens you get 28 wing jacks (1). 

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Now your miniature mechanics can go about their business with a smile on their faces for they now have the tools for the job. With Flyhawk Model set FH700037 you get those tools.