These are a series of photographs of a diorama centered around Ford Island of Pearl Harbor, although it does features in the harbor.

RS1010 Dock across to Ford Is-CV6 at F-2.jpg (136253 bytes)


Photograph #1: 1010 Dock across to Ford Island-CV-6 at F-2 This image depicts 1010 Pier on the bottom and the eastside of Ford Island on the top. Note a destroyer and the USS Helena, USS Oglala are berthed at 1010 pier. The USS Vestal and USS Enterprise are berthed at Ford Island.
RSAerial view of Ford Is..jpg (128389 bytes)


Photograph #2: Aerial view of Ford Island The ship in the foreground (Berth F-1) is a 1/700 scratch-built USS Argonne. Berthed at F-3 is the USS California (1/700 USS Arizona from MiniHobbyModels) and USS Vestal (scratch-built).


RSCV-6 Enterprise at dock 10.jpg (112183 bytes)


Photograph #3: CV-6 Enterprise at Dock #10. USS Vestal (scratch-built) berthed at F-1, USS Enterprise (Tamiya) berthed at F-2, USS California (MiniHobbyModels) berthed at F-3 and USS Neosho (scratch-built) berthed at F-4.


RSPORT BOW AERIAL - BB PENN IN DDock1 -5.JPG (127106 bytes)


Photograph #4: Port Bow Aerial - BB Pennsylvania in Dry-dock #1-5. USS Pennsylvania (USS Arizona kit from MinihobbyModels) and the destroyers Downes (left) and Cassin (right) in Dry-dock #1. Both destroyers are scratch-built.


RSDescent into Infamy.jpg (122205 bytes) Photograph #5: Descent Into Infamy. Battleship Row is depicted in the early moments of the torpedo attack on December 7, just prior to the first torpedo detonations. The battleships California, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee are 1/700 scale MinihobbyModels modified with cage masts from Tom's Modelworks. The battleships Oklahoma, Arizona, and Nevada are from 1/720 scale Revell kits. USS Vestal and USS Neosho are scratch- built. The two Japanese Kates visible above Ford Island are 1/700 Kate from Fujima Sea Wave Models.


Richard Smith