I had the pleasure of meeting Domi of Retrokit yesterday, and picked up their first 1:700 scale offering, FORT DRUM . This kit represents a purpose made concrete “fort”, built on an island off Manila Bay to protect the harbour entrance. The kit represents the fort in 1941, and includes the main armament of 2 sets of 14-inch guns together with a cage mast and platform. The casting is errorless, and clean and the photo-etch certainly is an essential component to produce the perfect model of this unusual structure. The instructions are clear and simple, and the photographic work included is also a good help. They are priced at £49.99/55 Euros, and available off the Retrokit site. Needless to say, I bought one and will be building it soon!

DrumPF135.JPG (89246 bytes) DrumPF136.JPG (81063 bytes) DrumPF137.JPG (117506 bytes)
DrumPF138.JPG (91898 bytes) DrumPF145.JPG (73124 bytes) DrumPF146.JPG (48540 bytes)

Peter Fulgoney