You LOVE pre-dreadnoughts but the only kits available are... er... less than optimum. What to do? --SealsModels Mikasa to the rescue! This is the Modelkrak 1/700 Fuji resin kit, built to show the ship at the Battle of Tsushima Strait, 27 May 1905. The ship is heavily weathered and is urgently in need of refit. The only items retained from the Modelkrak kit were the hull and turrets--basically the right shape. Everything else: secondary guns, funnels, masts, lifeboats, etc were from the Mikasa kit. GMM Ultra railings were used. The WEM 1/700 Iron Duke PE set provided a few odds and ends for detailing.

FujFQtrDSA.jpg (90047 bytes) FujRQtrDSA.jpg (81039 bytes)

Deckhouses were scratch built from sheet plastic. Portholes were drilled into the hull and deckhouses, painted black inside, then filled with clear to simulate glass. The anchors and torpedo booms were cut off the resin hull and replaced using modeling chain and lengths of wire. The torpedo net itself is a bit of rolled pantyhose darkened with thinned acrylic paint. Note the torpedo net boom rigging. Open lifeboats are stored with canvas covers over them--I used tinfoil to make the covers. And who says you can't make a purse out of a sow's ear?!!!

David Summers