Here are photos of the Japanese light cruiser Jintsu as she appeared at the Battle of Java Sea in early 1942. I used the old Fujimi kit and made some modifications to the foremast and bridge and added the support posts fir the aft upper deck. I deleted the aft 25mm AA guns and rebuilt the kit stacks, Gold Medal railings and crane were used, as well as Skywave update kits and a Voyager catapult. The gray and linoleum colors are WEM colorcoats, and the Alf was painted in Polly Scale acrylics. Rigging is stretched sprue. The other hull cutout on the base is for DD Minegumo of the Asashio class, which was also present at Java Sea. That will be my next build using the Skywave Asashio kit.

Jin74bc.jpg (24105 bytes) Jin564bc.JPG (28169 bytes) Jin566bc.JPG (26140 bytes)
Jin565bc.JPG (24905 bytes) Jin568bc.JPG (21894 bytes) Jin69bc.jpg (26240 bytes)

Bob Cicconi