Gold Medal Models did not stop with brass photo-etched detail sets for the 1:350 scale Trumpeter kit of the USS Hornet, CV-8. Additionally GMM has produced a set of decals for the aircraft of the kit. As is true with the Photo-etched fret for the aircraft (Click for review of the USN WW2 Carrier Aircraft Photo-Etched Set GMM #350-36), the Gold Medal Models 1/350 WW2 USN Aircraft Markings decal sheet has material for not only early war aircraft on the Hornet, but also for mid to late war aircraft that will be found on the forthcoming 1:350 scale Trumpeter USS Essex CV-9. In fact the GMM set goes beyond the time boundaries of World War Two because it includes decals for the Korean War and beyond (1947 to the Present).

It is a fairly large decal sheet measuring slightly under ten-inches by four-inches. The decals are subdivided by era and size. The bulk of the decals are for national markings but GMM also includes a good quantity of numbers and letters. Also included are tail markings for VF-64 F6F Hellcats, which is an arrow. Another additional asset are decals for "NAVY" and "MARINES" for post war aircraft.

GMMdecals8904upleft.JPG (137611 bytes) GMMdecals8907upmid48.JPG (135257 bytes) GMMdecals8903upright.JPG (129682 bytes) GMMdecals8909korea.JPG (123309 bytes)

The decals are grouped by size and date. Size refers to the size of the diameter of the insignia would be on the actual aircraft and consists of four sizes; 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch and 60-inch. The different eras are Pre-WW2 to 1942; 1942 to June 1943; June 1943 to October 1943; October 1943bto 1947 and 1947 to Present. GMM also provides instructions in the upper right corner of the sheet. For the national insignia, the sheet includes 40 of each size for the Pre-WW2 to 1942 and 1942 to June 1943 eras and 20 of each size for all other eras. Two alphabets (A-Z) are provided for black and five in white in 24-inch letters. The numbers sets are ten white in 24-inch, ten white in 36-inch and ten black in 36-inch. Forty-four arrow markings for the tails of VF-64 Hellcats are included.

GMMdecals8906lowleft.JPG (108145 bytes) GMMdecals8908lowmid.JPG (151984 bytes) GMMdecals8910lowright.JPG (120618 bytes) GMMdecals8905-36.JPG (140506 bytes)

Gold Medal Models has provided a product that is the answer for any 1:350 USN aircraft of World War Two and beyond. The decal registry is tight and on the mark in location and color. The high quality of this decal sheet fully matches the high quality for which the photo-etched frets of GMM are known. The versatility and quality of this decal sheet should be of great benefit to any modeler interested in the era.