Is it real or is it Memorex? You may recall that line from an old commercial which extolled the clarity and exactitude of replication of Memorex audio tape. When you look at the title photograph above, you may be excused if you ask, "Is it real or is it Gold Medal Models?" The answer of course is that it is a real Curtis BFC Goshawk found at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. However, if you have a line of yellow wing 1:350 scale Goshawks waiting to decorate your Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Saratoga, you can’t do better than Gold Medal Models set 350-40, 1930’s Air Wing Detail Set. This set is only priced at US$12.00 and with it you can equip 48 aircraft for your mahogany decked pre-war USN carriers.

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Loren Perry provides brass parts for eight different aircraft with parts for six of each aircraft. Included aircraft are: BFC Curtis Goshawk fighter bomber - 12 wing struts, 12 fuselage struts, 12 wheels, 6 two bladed propellers, six tail hooks; F2F Grumman fighter – same listing as BFC; F3F Grumman fighter – same as BFC but with three bladed propellers; Vought SBU scout bomber – same listing as BFC; Curtis SBC scout bomber – same listing as BFC but with three bladed propellers; TG-2 lumbering torpedo bomber – 12 outer wing struts, 12 inner wing struts, 12 wheels, six tail hooks, 6 braces used in folded wing TG-2s; F2A Brewster Buffalo – 6 three bladed propellers, six antennae, six tail hooks, 12 wheels; SB2U Vought Vindicator – same listing as F2A but with two bladed propellers.

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That amounts to 348 brass detail parts for you yellow wing wankers. Of course with GMM there is relief etching with wheels and even some struts. Don't let your Sara leave San Diego without it.