When you hear the phrase "Spanish Main" you think of the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, of Errol Flynn in the movie Captain Blood and of laughing pirates preying upon fat Spanish treasure ships. You donít think of the cold misty waters running along the northwest coast of the United States and yet, that is where you will find a modern day Buccaneer of Brass. Tucked among the coves of the Washington coast is the lair of Pirate Perry, who sorties into the cold Pacific wastes not to plunder treasure ships from Spain, but to use his spy-glass on incoming plastic warship kits from China for inspiration for his latest creation in photo-etch. However, Pirate Perry doesnít seem quite right and Laughing Loren doesnít have the swash-bulking sound of Jolly Roger. As for Long John Loren, Öwell, I just know about that one. Whatever his nick name, Loren has released a new photo-etch set which will let every modeler swash their buckle. Trumpeter has released two new 1:350 scale USN battleship kits. Since both ships are still in existence as museum ships, it was natural that Trumpeter chose USS Massachusetts and USS Alabama as the two releases from the four ships of the South Dakota class. Loren has responded with a full broadside in the form of this new set. Gold Medal Models 1:350 scale brass photo-etch set of the Trumpeter Massachusetts and Alabama provides all of the intricate details necessary for any swab to take on those fat prizes. 

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Maybe Lorenís pirate nickname should be based upon his photo-etch prowess. Captain Hook is a well-known name and would be applicable based upon the exquisite open lattice aircraft and boat cranes with separate hooks, provided in the set. On the other hand, since the original Captain Hook was associated with some guy named Peter, modelers may confuse Loren with another guy named Peter if Captain Hook was Lorenís nom de guerre. Come to think of it, even Peter Panís Tinkerbell aerial strike force could use the fine two bladed propellers provided for Kingfishers and four bladed propellers provided for late war Seahawks. OK, then how about Captain Catapult because the GMM set has two superb relief-etched catapults. Featured on these subassemblies are perforated treadway and raised anti-skid top surface. Another possibility for Loren is the Rader Raider because of the numerous fine radars provided with this set. Provided are the SK-2 late war parabolic radar, large SK radar, SC-2 radar, MK8 main director radar, combined Mk12 and Mk22 secondary radars, Mk3 radar, SG radar, TDY DF arrays and SR radar. 

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When it comes to placing the ship along side the enemy in preparation for boarding, Pirate Perry provides a full complement of handy goodies to sharpen the sights of the gunners. For 5-inch/38 twin gun secondary mounts there are manual gunsights for the crowns of the turrets placed in front of an access hatch for the turret commander. The smaller bore weapons can be used for clearing the decks of the opposition and Loren provides gunsights and safety railing for the 40mm Bofors mounts, along with gun shields, shoulder rests, gunsights, and elevation wheels. For all of the mates who like to scramble into the rigging to feel the wind above the foretop Old Salt Loren has full yards with foot-ropes and full rigging, blocks and tackle for cranes. After softening up the prize, it is time for boarding, and Loren provides those thoughtful touches for those Brethren of the Coast, who wish to use the shipís boats and rafts. First of all, any matey would be proud to hoist the shipís boats into action with their fine brass rudders and for even smaller actions there are open grid decks and oars for the Carley rafts. The Capín himself has an easier time of conning the ship in that the brass bridge windshield will keep the salt spray out of his eyes. No pirate wants to run his galleon ashore to be the laughingstock of the kingís officers. So when nipping into those secluded coves along the northwest coastline, youíll appreciate the inclusion of perforated leadsmen platforms to allow soundings of the bottom. Even deck swabs have their lot made easier with cable reels, open chocks and closed chocks. For the occasional pirate who gets bitten by the shipís parrot GMM provides wonderful stokes litters. As we all know, it can be difficult to find a full complement for any golden galleon. So to protect the safety of the crew, GMM provides a full set of safety railing. This even includes curving railing for sheer of the forecastle. 

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Ahoy mateys! Join Long John Loren on the good ship Gold Medal Models in search for treasure. You donít have far to go to find doubloons aplenty in the treasure chest in the form of the Gold Medal Models 1:350 scale brass photo-etch set for the Trumpeter USS Massachusetts and USS Alabama