With the new Trumpeter 1:700 scale Nimitz class aircraft carriers joining modeler's fleets in growing numbers, Gold Medal Models has come forward with an extremely versatile and valuable decal sheet. This sheet provides specific decals for not only the Nimitz class but also decals for every supercarrier from the Forrestal to the George H. W. Bush. That's a tall order for anybody but GMM carries it off handsomely.

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It starts with numbers from 59 on. For the Forrestal class (Forrestal, Saratoga, Ranger and Independence), GMM provides shaded island numbers and open deck numbers. For the improved Forrestal class (Kitty Hawk, Constellation, America and John F. Kennedy), provides just shaded island numbers with no deck numbers. Enterprise CVN-65 has shaded island decals and open deck decals. Starting with the Nimitz class there are two ways to go. GMM supplies early shaded island decals and later unshaded island decals. Deck decals for the Nimitz class come with early solid numbers and later open numbers.

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Stern name plates are provided for every carrier from Forrestal to George H. W. Bush. A whole selection of island decorations is included beyond island numbers. Various wings with anchors and wings with efficiency E's for Enterprise and units of the Nimitz class are included. Also included are the different designs of "Beware of Blast" island markings. The Enterprise also gets the single most spectacular decal. Included is the decal for the door markings for number 3 elevator to the Big E in 1988, "Hormuz High Way Patrol". Gold Medal Models includes numerous generic island and deck markings on the sheet. Included in these are: large efficiency E's, small efficiency E's, ordnance jettison ramp marks, draft marks, electrical power hatch stripes, weapons warning circles, elevator warning stripes, and forward flight deck stripes.

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Gold Medal Models provides a beautifully designed and executed 1:700 scale decal sheet for modern USN carriers. Although there are specific decals for the fossil fuel burning supercarriers, the real strength of the sheet is for the numerous deck and island markings for all of the CVNs.