Give them the steel lads! On this 4th of July why not celebrate Independence Day with photo-etch from Gold Medal Models? With the GMM set for the 1:700 scale USS Lexington/Saratoga you can declare your independence from boring models by packing the smartness and precision of a brigade of regulars into your build of the two big flattops. After all Gold Medal Models is based in the State of Washington. If George was home at Mt. Vernon, he too would be attaching the GMM photo-etch to his build of the Lexington. Even the name of the fret rings of the fight for Independence. Lexington and Saratoga, what more could any patriot want?

Nobody will confuse your Lexington with militia when she is decked out with the martial accoutrements provided by Gold Medal Models in this fret. "By Gawd, those are regulars!" Brigadier Smedley-Rupert will exclaim as you send his redcoats packing. The large CXAM radar array included in the fret will definitely be standing tall at the peak of the funnel of the Lex. Of course you have the ability to form square as GMM provides the rectangular stack grills for the four openings on the top of the funnel. Reinforce your line with the wide selection of support bracing provided by GMM. There are parts for the support of the 20mm gallery at the starboard base of the funnel as well as supports for the structure on the aft face of the towering stack. Break the boredom of a completely flat deck by erecting your own windbreak/palisades provided in the fret. Also providing additional deck detail and relief are arresting gear sheaves and barricade wire supports. 

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John Paul Jones would be sea green with envy to see the detailed controls provided by GMM for the open navigation bridge of Lexington. No doubt Serapis would have struck far sooner had the Bon Homme Richard carried these beauties. For your aircraft GMM provides 36 aircraft propellers, twelve each for SBDs, TBDs and F4Fs. For close in work the artillery of Lexington will receive a smart new treatment. Oerlikons will receive crisp finely done gun shields and the 5-inch/28 gun mounts receive safety rails with fuse setting positions. Speaking of propellers, GMM provides replacement three-bladed propellers that will allow the Lex sail into battle at flank speed. 

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For boarding parties, GMM provides an extraordinary level of detail for the ship’s boats. Pulpits, rudders, pulleys, railing and chocks are all provided and for the marines, carley raft bottoms and oars are included. For celebrating Independence Day, you can run up an effigy of rotten ole King George to the GMM yardarms in the fret. Railings are provided for the hull galleries and for the perimeter of the elevator openings. A huge variety of deck edge safety nets add a further glory of detail for the Lex and cable reels further add detail to the starboard side of the island. Loren even provides a 1:700 scale figure of Captain Frederick Sherman, Lexington’s last commander. 

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Gold Medal Models provides all of the drill instructions needed with their typical one sheet two-sided format. Even Thomas Jefferson would have been proud to have penned the stirring text and illuminating drawings found in the GMM instructions. All facets of assembly and attachments of the photo-etch parts are clearly shown in the step by step approach taken by GMM

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In your quest for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Detail, you need go no further than Loren Perry’s photo-etch set for the 1:700 scale Lexington and Saratoga. The fret has all of the detail needed to fully clothe the Lex for battle in the quality for which GMM is widely renowned.