Alright pardners, belly-up to the Yellow Wing Bar to get your full shot of Red Eye. With the Gold Medal Models Quarter 1930s Air Wing Photo-Etch set, you'll stay up late at night getting those magnificent miniature parts on your 1:700 scale USN yellow wing biplanes for the Trumpeter Saratoga or any other carrier modeling the glorious Technicolor appearance of the USN carriers of the period. In spite of its name, this is no two-bit set, rather the word quarter signifies that this fret will equip one-forth of a carrier's air wing.  Upon examination, the parts on this fret looked extraordinarily similar to the parts provided earlier in the GMM one-forth carrier air wing fret for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale pre-war Saratoga. After comparing both frets, it is clear that this 1:700 scale fret is identical to its larger brother, except for size. (Click for review of GMM 1:350 scale Pre-War 1/4 USN carrier air wing photo-etch set)

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Loren Perry provides brass parts for eight different aircraft with parts for six of each aircraft. Included aircraft are: BFC Curtis Goshawk fighter bomber - 12 wing struts, 12 fuselage struts, 12 wheels, 6 two bladed propellers, six tail hooks; F2F Grumman fighter same listing as BFC; F3F Grumman fighter same as BFC but with three bladed propellers; Vought SBU scout bomber same listing as BFC; Curtis SBC scout bomber same listing as BFC but with three bladed propellers; TG-2 lumbering torpedo bomber 12 outer wing struts, 12 inner wing struts, 12 wheels, six tail hooks, 6 braces used in folded wing TG-2s; F2A Brewster Buffalo 6 three bladed propellers, six antennae, six tail hooks, 12 wheels; SB2U Vought Vindicator same listing as F2A but with two bladed propellers. 

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Gold Medal Models provides another triumph of minituration with the GMM one-fourth Carrier Air Wing photo-etch fret for USN pre-war carriers in 1:700 scale. This fret is identical in detail to the larger fret from GMM on the same topic but in 1:350 scale but provides the same outstanding detail in the much smaller scale.