What's that, sir? You want a modern USN aircraft carrier in 1:700 scale? Would you like that Special Recipe or Extra Crispy? How are you fixed for fixins? With Gold Medal Models CVN 1/4 Air Wing photo-etch details set in 1:700 scale you get it both ways. Loren Perry's secret recipe always includes extra crispy and clean detail in photo-etch. As this set states, it provides the details for one-forth of an  air wing. It is stated on the fret itself that if you want a full flight deck of aircraft, additional sets will be necessary. Although the fret states that it is for a CVN air wing, it is very suitable for any USN super carrier. The mix of details includes parts for F4 Phantoms; F-14 Tomcats, F-18 Hornets, A-6 Intruders, EA-6 Prowlers, A-7 Corsair IIs, S-3 Vikings, RA-5 Vigilantes, E-2 Hawkeyes, EA-3B Skywarrior and two helicopters SH-3 Sea Kings and SH-60 Seahawks. Relief-etching is found on many of the parts in the set. 

Make your fighters extra spicy with Gold Medal Models detail parts. No Buffalo Wing will be hotter than a F-14 Tomcat spiced up with GMM parts for main landing gear, nose gear, nose gear doors, main gear doors, main wheel doors and tail hooks. You get parts for six aircraft. There are no bugs on the superbug parts for the F-18 Hornets. With parts for ten aircraft, you can chow down with details for main gear, nose gear with separate wheels, main gear doors, nose gear doors and tail hooks. If you like your photo-etch meal in a traditional setting, belly up to the detail bar for a F4 Phantom Pheast. GMM provides detail for the big beast with parts for six birds. Included are main gear with doors, nose gear, two nose gear extended, nose gear doors, boarding ladders, bomb racks and tail hooks. 

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No starving modeler will attack this dish as voraciously as detail on the attack birds in the GMM fret. You can fix up six A-6 Intruders or EA-6 Prowlers with nose gear, main gear, nose gear doors, main gear doors, refueling probes, boarding ladders, 16 inboard bomb racks and 16 outboard bomb racks. For the A-7 Corsair II, parts include main landing gear with separate wheels, nose gear with separate wheels, main gear doors, nose gear doors, 12 inboard bomb racks, and 12 outboard bomb racks. These parts will equip six aircraft. For the RA-5C Vigilante you get gear doors for one aircraft. Three S-3 Vikings can be fitted with nose gear with separate wheels, nose gear doors and main gear doors. No need to blubber about the Whale, as GMM provides landing gear doors for the EA-3B Skywarrior. For looking for the next meal, you get parts for two E-2 Hawkeyes. These include propellers, main gear with separate wheels, nose gear with separate wheels, main gear doors, nose gear doors, and tail hooks. Chopper parts come in two different flavors. For traditionalists who like a full meal ,there are parts for two SH-3 Sea Kings. Parts include one rotor set extended, one rotor set folded, two tail rotors, rotor head caps, tail wheels and SAR winches. For those looking for a light lunch, there are parts for three SH-60 Seahawks. These include one set of rotors extended, two sets of rotors folded, and three tail rotors. Don't leave the GMM Chop House without the necessary condiments. These include outboard bomb racks with MERs, Sidewinder rails, and extra tail hooks in two sizes. Loren, the Maitre d'E, provides a handsomely illustrated bill of fare showing each and every dish served. Sometimes called instructions, the menu provides clarified guidance for the fine dinning provided by Gold Medal Models.

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Gold Medal Models provides another tasty treat with the GMM CVN 1/4 Air Wing photo-etch detail set in 1:700 scale. The scale may be small but the details are big in this full plate of relief-etched goodies.