Bob Buchanan ran across these products and thought that other IJN modelers may like to know of their existence. Whether you have the giant Nichimo Yamato in 1:200 scale or any number of the Nichimo IJN destroyers, these products should be of great interest to you. With the great number of parts per gun mount, these brass pieces may be complex, but the detail they will provide these large scale plastic kits will be dramatic in the extreme. As an example, just look at the multiple parts that comprise each ammunition magazine. Each magazine is composed of multiple parts assembled in layers, adding a true third dimension. 

Single 25mm Mounts
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For starters, there is the single 25mm gun mount. GPM provides twenty single 25mm guns with each mount composed of eighteen parts. Clearly, care should be exercised in assembly but how many brass AA guns are this complex or detailed?  For the twin 25mm AA mounts, we see the introduction of gunners' seats an individual foot pedals. There are only eight twin 25mm mounts provided but the parts count per mount skyrockets to around 35 parts per mount.

Twin 25mm Mounts
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At the top of the heap is the triple 25mm gun mount. The GPM brass fret for this ordnance there are six mounts, each of around 39 parts. None of these include the barrels. GPM also provides turned brass barrels for these three types of 25mm ordnance. 

Triple 25mm Mounts & Barrels
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Clearly these complex assemblies require greater care and precision than simply using kit supplied ordnance. However, they promise to be spectacular once completed. Maybe Bob will let us know any pitfalls in assembly when he starts preparing them for a 1:200 scale Nichimo Japanese destroyer. is a distributor for GPM kits and he acquired the barrels directly from GPM