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Giuseppe Garibaldi
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Aircraft Carrier
Delphis Models
1:700 Scale Waterline Kit

In-the-Box Review

Rob Mackie

Launched in 1985, the Giuseppe Garibaldi was the first purpose-built aircraft carrier completed for the Italian Navy.  Inter service rivalries limited her air complement to Sea King anti-submarine helicopters on entering service. But her upward sloping forward flight deck showed the Italian Navy's true intention. The Garibaldi now carries AV-8b II Harrier jets as well as anti-submarine helicopters.

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Guiseppe Garibaldi with USS America in background

Vital Statistics
Displacement 13,850 tons, length 180m, beam 33.4m
Maximum speed 30 knots, range at 20 knots-7,000 miles
Air Group: 16 AV-8B Harrier II plus STO/VL jets or 18 SH-3D Sea King helicopters (or various combinations)
Armament: OTO Melara Teseo MK 2 SSM, Aspide SAM missiles, 6 Breda 40mm mounts (3x2)
Mk 46 torpedoes (2 triple tubes)
Complement: 825 including 230 air crew

The Delphis Models 1:700th Garibaldi is a sight to behold. I can't recall seeing a poorly cast Italian kit and the Garibaldi is no exception. The flight deck and the hollow-cast waterline hull comprise a single resin casting. There are gaps in the flight deck both at the stern and near the takeoff ramp. Resin pieces bridge these gaps, creating a detail filled below deck area visible from either the port or starboard sides. This is a nice touch, and other cast-in details abound. Study the hull photos and you'll be impressed.

Construction should be relatively easy if you choose to build Garibaldi out of the box. The highly detailed island is the largest non-hull piece. Most of the work will consist of affixing the various weapons and many fittings, all of which are resin. The smaller resin parts are well cast but will require minor cleanup. 6 Harriers and 2 Sea Kings (with separate ordinance) are included, as well as tractors to maneuver them about the flight deck This should be enough to give the flight deck a sufficiently "busy" appearance. There is no etched brass nor are there any decals for the flight deck markings.

Criticisms? The kit is not cheap at US $105 from Pacific Front. Flight deck markings are cast into the flight deck. I would much prefer they be represented with decals. And there is no photo etch. The kit doesn't need it but the model will look better for the addition of at least etched brass railing. The Italian language instructions are generally adequate as regards parts placement, but they omit painting instructions for the ship - but not the planes. Use the photos with this article for colour guidance.

No question about it, the Garibaldi is beautiful as aircraft carriers go. Delphis is unsurpassed in its resin casting and those of you partial to modern carriers will not be disappointed. Recommended.

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Plan and profile views

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Note flight deck opening

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Hollow cast hull
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Island structure
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Copters, Harriers etc
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More resin parts
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Box art
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Box art
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