One ship in the Royal Navy that has always fascinated me ,was the Delhi. This was because she was equipped with USN 5"/38 cal guns and the Mk 37 fire-control system, similar that fitted in the US Fletcher class destroyers. I believe that she was the only British build ship with a foreign main armament. In May 1941 ,she was taken in hand for the removal of her 6" low-angle guns at the Brooklyn Navy yard and by December 194141 she commenced her trials off the US east coast. The `Gun-club` in the RN were highly impressed by the performance of the 5" guns, as they achieved a rate of fire of 25 rpm for a short period and 15 rpm for sustained fire. The Mk 37 FCS had been designed to calculate aircraft speeds of up to 1000 mph, remember this was designed in the late `30`s. More vessels of the class were slated for conversion but the US had joined the war and they wanted all the guns they could lay their hands on. As usual, I'm building the model in 350th scale using similar techniques I did on the Cleopatra. The Profile Morskie book is as always invaluable and I've had the 400th plans enlarged to 200th at a local print-shop. The other references are British Cruisers of WW2 by Raven & Roberts and the RN Cruisers in Focus book. The 5" turrets came from a scrapped Tamiya Fletcher kit that I originally planned to use those from the Trumpeter The Sullivans but these looked nothing like the real thing.

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Phil Reeder