Here are photographs of all of the components to the new Soryu, by Hi-Mold of Japan in 1:700 scale. Although the smallest of the six carriers of Admiral Nagumo's strike force, the ship was a large warship by any standard. The hull casting measures 12 7/8 inches by 2 inches (at widest point, outside edge of sponson to outside edge of sponson) and is presented by Hi-Mold in resin, brass, white metal, and plastic.


  Among the many beautifully executed parts, the Hi-Mold Soryu features an eye-popping fully etched brass flight-deck. All details of each sponson and deck, above and on the underside have been captured by Hi-Mold. A full "build-up" review of this superb kit will be forthcoming.

Details of the Resin Hull
Soryu3141spro.JPG (30079 bytes) Soryu3142pbow.JPG (43652 bytes) Soryu3140pprofile.JPG (25997 bytes)
Soryu3143bowplan.JPG (50255 bytes) Soryu3270pmidpro.JPG (34749 bytes) Soryu3269smidpro.JPG (27789 bytes) Soryu3271pstern.JPG (38330 bytes)
Soryu3144paq.JPG (37122 bytes) Soryu3145sternplan.JPG (54904 bytes) Soryu3146pbpro.JPG (33726 bytes)

Small Parts in Resin, White Metal and Plastic
Soryu3272whitemetal.JPG (75244 bytes) Soryu3273boats.JPG (49121 bytes) Soryu3274small.JPG (45385 bytes)
Soryu3275gunmts.JPG (74023 bytes) Soryu3276plat&stacks.JPG (91116 bytes) Soryu3277small.JPG (44967 bytes) Soryu3284bridge.JPG (91380 bytes)
Soryu3285plas1.JPG (100365 bytes) Soryu3286plas2.JPG (106688 bytes) Soryu3287spues.JPG (109033 bytes)


A Look at the Top (Obverse) and Underside (Reverse) of Platforms
Soryu3278plat1rev.JPG (51330 bytes) Soryu3279plat1ob.JPG (65652 bytes) Soryu3282plat3rev.JPG (61789 bytes) Soryu3283plat3ob.JPG (60859 bytes)
Soryu3280plat2rev.JPG (85444 bytes) Soryu3281plat2ob.JPG (90120 bytes)


Brass Photo-Etched Flight Deck and Other Parts
Soryu3151PE.JPG (51629 bytes) Soryu3289deckaft.JPG (82362 bytes) Soryu3288deckmid.JPG (80969 bytes) Soryu3154PEdetail.JPG (74363 bytes)


Box Top, Decals, Instructions
Soryu3150box.JPG (70081 bytes) Soryu3157shipdecals.JPG (75511 bytes) Soryu3158aircraftdecals.JPG (39964 bytes)
Soryu3159InstP&P.JPG (70636 bytes) Soryu3160InstCover.JPG (43295 bytes) Soryu3161Inst1.JPG (35010 bytes) Soryu3162Inst2.JPG (76177 bytes)
Soryu3266Inst3.JPG (87033 bytes) Soryu3267Inst4.JPG (69357 bytes) Soryu3268Inst5.JPG (64049 bytes)


Completed Soryu from Pit-Road Web Site

hm36Soryu.jpg (42490 bytes)