In my personal opinion the British battlecruisers are some of the most handsome ships ever. They were in their time a completely new concept, if somewhat flawed. I decided to build the first one, HMS Indomitable. The basis of the build was the 1/700 resin kit from H-P Models. When I opened the box I was a little bit disappointed in the contents of the box, as after closer inspection I saw the need to replace several parts. I believe that all three models of RN battlecruisers from HP (Invincible, Inflexible and Indomitable) are the same set of castings and that my Indomitable kit was the Invincible in 1914 but with incorrect wing turrets. After checking a few references, I decided to built her in a 1910 fit, as I love the asymmetric disposition of the funnels and the forward stack taller than the others. The hull form was very nice but plagued with pinholes. I used Tamiya's white primer but this did not solve the problem. Thanks to the advice of a good friend I used Gunze Sanyo Mr. Surfacer 1000 to correct the problem. I had to re-scribe parts of the after deck, as some detail was lost with the Surfacer 1000.

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I decided to depict the absent hull plating by scribing the resin hull surface, as the plating was visible in photos of the ship. The incorrect turrets were modified to the correct shape using styrene sheet, and the 12" guns were replaced with the Seals Models RN & IJN fittings, which are a great source of parts. The HP boats and light guns were oversimplified and horrible; these were replaced using again mostly Seals Models parts. The funnels were all hollowed out and steam-pipes added using .010 brass rod. The bridge was also extensively modified and I replaced all the surrounding pieces as the kit parts had casemates, whereas the 1910 configuration was different, so I used styrene sheet to replace the resin parts. The kit's resin masts were crooked and unusable so these were replaced with brass, small styrene triangles were added as platform supports. To finish the model in its 1910 appearance I added the anti-torpedo netting and associated booms. The photo-etch used was the magnificent White Ensign Models WW I British battleship set, along with scrap pieces from other models. The model was painted with WEM Colourcoats. I chose to lighten them a little to give a better scale effect. When painting was completed I weathered the ship with watercolours and pastels, sealed all with Humbrol mattcote, rigged her with stretched sprue using all the techniques as described by Mr. Jim Baumann. Despite the kits shortcomings I enjoyed the construction of this model. Whilst perhaps not perfectly correct I hope you will like her. My special thanks to Jim Baumann for his help and also for all the excellent modelers on this site and the web for sharing this great hobby.

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Miguel Villarreal
Mexico City