This is IJN heavy cruiser Furutaka, newly tooled kit from Hasegawa. It's a wonderful kit. I was so surprised when I found the different positions of the port holes in port and starboard sides. For additional detail, Lion's Roar products were mainly used and I referred to 'IJN CA Furutaka' from Gakken.

Fur4660bdl.JPG (23582 bytes) Fur4663bdl.JPG (16602 bytes) Fur4664bdl.JPG (15338 bytes) Fur4667bdl.JPG (18987 bytes)
Fur4842bdl.JPG (9197 bytes) Fur4843bdl.JPG (15871 bytes) Fur4846bdl.JPG (20525 bytes) Fur4847bdl.JPG (22352 bytes)
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Byoung Dae Lee Ph.D.