Here are some photographs of Hasegawa's re-tooled 1:700 scale Japanese heavy cruiser Nachi that I just completed. The ship is shown after its second rebuild in 1941, as she would have appeared at the Battle of Java Sea early in 1942. Hasegawa also gives you the option of building it in its final form with extra AA and slightly different masts and aerials. The model seems to be just about right-on according to Lacroix's book on Japanese heavy cruisers in WWII. Although the kit is redone, Hasegawa still had molded steps on the main deck. I removed all six steps and replaced them with photo-etched units. I used Tom's IJN Heavy Cruiser photo-etch kit, and also Gold Medal Model's Ultra IJN railings. At first I was nervous about using them, but although they are petit, they aren't any more difficult to use than other photo-etch railings. In addition, they are a necessity when doing the Japanese ships, which have an upward curve forward of the superstructure. I also dry brushed it and used a watercolor wash, stretched sprue aerials and Celluclay for the water. I used White Ensign Modelís paints for the gray and linoleum on the ship, and Extracolor IJN dark green and gray for the aircraft. The ship was from Pacific Front.

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Bob Cicconi