For all of you who crave more decals, here is a product from The Resin Shipyard/Hawk Graphics. Resin Shipyard sells resin Canadian warships and Hawk Graphics sells decal sheets. Of course both are alias for their owner, who is also known as the Homer Simpson of the Great White North, Nukem Till They Glow Darren Scannell. When I first discovered that Darren would be producing resin models of Canadian ships, he had not selected a name for his company. I thought that in keeping with a Canadian theme, the company should be named Yellow Snow Productions. Ted Paris of Commanders/Iron Shipwright had another suggestion for Darren's company name, Beer. In spite of our eagerness to help Darren, he rejected both of our wise suggestions and chose The Resin Shipyard. Oh well. 

Darren, through his Hawk Graphics alias, has gone into a line of decals emphasizing RN, RCN and RAN subjects as well as modern USN markings. This sheet is set D3505 and presents 1:350 scale hull numbers and letters for World War Two British Commonwealth destroyers and frigates. The label mentions the RN, RCN and RAN. Darren chose to list the RCN before the RAN and for some reason ignored the RNZN, but hey he is a Canadian and occasionally goes comatose from ingesting too much maple syrup. Also there is a theory circulating that Darren is responsible for the huge amounts of snow accumulating in up state New York. After all he does live on the north shore of Lake Ontario and the snow is accumulating on the south shore. A coincidence? I don't think so. In any event, I digress, so here are photographs of the hull number set for destroyers and frigates. Having built a 1:350 scale Tribal class, I know that finding the right hull numbers/letters for a RN destroyer can be difficult. Now that difficulty is erased with this set. The set provides large side markings and small stern markings in lack and white. Also included are draught markings in roman numerals.

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