This is the model of the old Heller 1:400 scale Potemkin. For those of you who feel only the new kits are worth building, let me tell you the Potemkin is a pretty nice kit considering the era it was released. The masts are accurate in their representation of the way real yardarms are hung on masts, unlike the "Christian cross" style masts we see on most kits today. The model was painted flat black with teak wood decks and yellow orange stacks. I used the techniques described in my "Making Realistic Wood decks" article on the techniques page. I cut the hull at the waterline with a Dremel circular saw and made the water from Gel Medium.

potemkinbowRW.JPG (144557 bytes) potemkinmidshipRW.JPG (119702 bytes) potemkinsternRW.JPG (151332 bytes)
potemkin2RW.JPG (148471 bytes) potemkinbow2RW.JPG (109752 bytes) potemkinmastRW.JPG (79485 bytes) potemkin1RW.JPG (127959 bytes)

It was then painted with acrylics and topped off with two heavy coats of Future floor polish to add a realistic wet look to the water. The rigging is entirely stretched sprue, to give a realistic sag to the rope rigging. I added Flagship Models 1:400 scale railing to add some extra detail. If you can find one of the Heller Potemkin kits, not the Russian releases, buy it and build it. With the neat rigged masts, and stacks it makes a unique looking addition to any collection.

Rusty White
Flagship Models Inc.