This is the 1:700 scale Hi-Mold USS Tennessee kit. This kit shows the ship in it's pre-war configuration and I thought it would make an interesting display next to my 1945 version that I'd previously completed. The 5"/25 caliber have been replaced with Skywave parts. The Browning 50 caliber AA guns are from White Ensign Models. The Kingfisher aircraft are from White Ensign. The resin cockpits were removed and clear canopies were made from clear epoxy resin. The Tom's Modelworks USN early battleship detail set was used to replace many of the kit's white metal parts. The flags are from HP. The portholes have all been deepened to help them stand out. The rigging is from 0.002" monofilament. The searchlights were drilled out, reflectors made from chrome sequin discs punched out with the Waldron set and the lenses were then formed from clear epoxy resin. The model was then weathered, washed and dry-brushed.

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Frank O'Neill