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PT 200
Higgins 78' PT Boat
JAG Collective
1:350 Scale Full Hull Kit


Rob Mackie

JAG Pt boat forecastle.jpg (8871 bytes)Of the 578 PT ("Patrol Torpedo") Boats built for use in WW2, 199 were manufactured by Higgins Industries of New Orleans, LA. The Higgins 78' design was distinctly different from the Elco 80', which comprised the bulk (326 built) of WW2 Torpedo boat construction.  Higgins boats are easily distinguished from the Elco 80' by the wheelhouse, which is much further forward and results in a distinctly shorter forecastle deck, and the two gun tubs placed symettrically on either side of the wheelhouse. The Higgins design was also less cluttered and "busy" than the Elco variant. Armament varied depending on whether the boats were being used as "barge busters" or as more traditional torpedo boats. Typically it consisted of four torpedoes, two twin .50 caliber machine guns, one or two 20mm cannons, and (on some boats) a 40mm cannon aft. If you are modeling a specific Higgins boat, consult your references for the correct armament fit. Approximately half of the Higgins-designed boats served in the Mediterranean Sea and English Channel with the other half serving in the Pacific and Aleutians.

The JAG Collective 1:350 scale  PT 200 is a typical Higgins 78' boat. It is an attractive design with minimal clutter, and the JAG kit seems to capture the Higgins "look" nicely. This US $20 kit includeds two full-hull Higgins 78' boats. There are very few parts and no etched brass, so this is definitely a one evening project unless you decide to super detail your boat. See the JAG Collective page for availability.

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Plan view

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Small parts

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