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Royal Navy Escort Destroyer
Hunt (Type 2) Class

1:350 Scale
Produced by Accurate Image Models
Master pattern by Jon Warneke

Accurate Image Models, a new player on the resin kit scene, has announced its first release, a Type 2 Hunt Class escort destroyer.  These prolific escort destroyers performed AA defense and convoy escort duties during WW II.   There were four sub-categories ("Types") of Hunt class escorts, of which the Type 2 class with 35 ships was the most numerous. 

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Hunt (Type 2) Escort Destroyer HMS Bicester
(IWM Photo)

The Accurate Image model is an all resin affair and includes an etched brass fret.  The hull is cast in two pieces so that the model can be built in either a waterline or full hull configuration. And the major parts needed to convert the ship to a Type I Hunt class escort destroyer are included.

Price is $65 and the model will be available June 22 through either Iron Shipwright or Tom's Modelworks.

Click on the thumbnail images below for full size pics of the
Hunt (Type 2) Escort Destroyer.

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Upper and Lower Hull
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Profile View
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Small Parts

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Bridge Variants

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Etched Brass Artwork