Here are some pictures of my 1/72 scale ICM Type XXVIIB Seehund submarine. Basically it was built straight out of the box. I added loops made from bent wire to the upper fore and aft of the hull. The kit had the observation dome molded as a solid opaque piece. I replaced it with a clear piece. Other than that I added extra probes to the front of the torpedoes. The model is painted and weathered with Testors and Aeromaster enamel paints. Kit decals were used. The only really disappointment with the kit came from the total lack of detail for the torpedoes.

TypeXXVIIBam01.JPG (72859 bytes) TypeXXVIIBam02.JPG (81228 bytes) TypeXXVIIBam03.JPG (77948 bytes) TypeXXVIIBam04.JPG (86878 bytes)

Al Magnus