Dateline: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 6, 1941

Its December 1941 and Admiral Kimmel, Commander of the United States Pacific Fleet, rates the battlecruiser USS Lexington CC-1, as the most efficient and combat ready ship in the Pacific. She lies at her berth at Pearl in her smart new Measure 1 camouflage scheme of dark gray 5D and light gray 5L above the funnels. She has even been given a Ms. 5 false bow wave. It is obvious that not only Kimmel thinks highly of the ship but also the Brass Hats in the Pentagon. She does have features common to the slower battleships, such as catapults at the stern and on X turret and .50 mg birdbaths on the control tops, but other features set her apart as the preeminent capital ship in the fleet. While slightly older battleships languish, waiting for the first new quadruple 1.1-inch anti-aircraft mounts, Lady Lex has already been equipped with eight full mounts; two slightly aft of B turret, two in the superstructure, two on each side of X turret and two on the quarterdeck. All eight of her 5-inch/25 heavy AA guns already have splinter shields to protect the crews, while only Maryland and West Virginia are testing them among the battleships. The Lex is fully into the electronic age, sporting a CXAM radar on top of her bridge, while almost all of the battleline has no radar. Yep! No doubt about it, this Lady packs a punch and that masher Tojo will get a black eye if he messes with the Lady Lex.

Lex02ug.JPG (24084 bytes) Lex03ug.JPG (17404 bytes) Lex01ug.JPG (22172 bytes)

This is the USS Lexington CC-1 battlecruiser design model in 1:700 scale by Imperial Hobby Productions. However, Uwe Grella updated the model to reflect how she may have appeared in December 1941 with all of the newest improvements already installed. Christoph Mentzel sent the photograph to Mike Bartel of IHP, who forwarded it to SteelNavy. Mike thinks that it is about time for readers to see builds of IHP "never weres" in the gallery. As Mike might say, "Donít be girlie men, build IHP never weres."