Last month Mike Bartel at IHP posted that he had some South Dakota 's from the 2003 production run and priced them at a nice discount. After building the IHP Lexington in a late 1941 Pacific Fleet fit, I had the urge to do a South Dakota, but a little differently from the box. The model represents the USS North Carolina as she might have appeared serving with the Atlantic Fleet at the beginning of the United State's involvement in World War II. The ship is painted in a Measure 12(mod) camouflage scheme and has been updated with 5"/25 caliber antiaircraft mounts, 1.1" and 20mm antiaircraft mounts. In addition she carries a Kingfisher on the stern and has been refitted with CXAM-1 radar.

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Aircraft catapult, CXAM-1 Radar, aerials and crane are photo-etch from Toms Modelworks. The kingfisher is from White Ensign Models. Finally, the 5"25s, 1.1" AA mounts, 20mms, ships boats, rafts, searchlights, and gun directors were taken from a pair of Skywave US Navy weapons packs.

Mike Wolfe