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PT 565
Elco 80' PT Boat
Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale Full Hull Kit


Rob Mackie

The Elco 80' design comprised the bulk of WW2 PT Boat construction. 326 were built, and most of them saw service in the Pacific Theater. Configurations differed depending on mission. Late war Elco boats were often used to harass Japanese barges and supply ships in the Pacific Islands. Accordingly they carried a relatively heavy gun armament in addition to their torpedoes. Elco boats can be distinguished from the Higgins 78' PT boats (the second most numerous US PT boat design with 199 built) by their longer forecastle and a wheelhouse located further aft than on Higgins-designed boats. The resulting long forecastle allowed the forward mounting of gun armament. The Elco boats also had a "busier" appearance above decks than the Higgins variant.

IS Pt Boat quarterdeck.jpg (12055 bytes)The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale PT 565 Elco 80' is a late war variant and thus carries a heavy gun armament, including twin .50s, 20mm and 40mm cannons, and a 37mm grenade launcher. It is a one piece full-hull model and features a high level of external detail. The hull casting appears every bit as "busy" as the real thing. Additional torpedo tubes are included in case the tubes cast integral with the hull have air bubbles. No etched brass is included and kit will sell for $17. See the Iron Shipwright catalog page for availability.

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Plan view

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Small parts

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