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USS Tennessee 1944 (measure 21 scheme)
United States Navy Battleship
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Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale Kit Preview
Rob Mackie

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Tennessee is a two-piece full hull model depicting the ship in its 1944 fit.  One of two Tennessee class battleships (the other was California), Tennessee survived Pearl Harbor with minor damage, unlike California which was was sunk.  California was refloated and both ships subsequently underwent a radical overhaul.  They were rebuilt from the deck up, and gained so much extra beam (16 feet) they could no longer transit the Panama Canal.  The Iron Shipwright kit depicts Tennessee in its post-rebuild form, so if you are looking for an early war, cage-masted Tennessee, this kit is not for you.  The rebuilt Tennessee class somewhat resembled South Dakota class ships.  They had a central citadel crowded with 40mm, 20mm and 5" gun armament and lost the 1920s "look" characteristic of the battle fleet at Pearl.

Calif June 44.gif (12887 bytes)The Iron Shipwright kit can be built either as a post-rebuild (1944) Tennessee or California. And the modeler also has the option of constructing a USS West Virginia (1944). The West Virginia, sunk at Pearl, was also raised and radically rebuilt. The end result was a battleship identical to the new Tennessee class except for main armament and a few 20mm mounts.  The kit includes both the 14" triple turrets of the Tennessee class and West Virginia's 16" twin turrets.

WV 32 7d July 44.jpg (10771 bytes)
USS West Virginia July '44 in measure 32/7d

The Tennessee kit, available mid-February 1999, will include the Profile Morskie USS California book. Price will be $290 (waterline) or $325 for the full-hull version. Shown below are the major resin parts. The etched brass, instructions and smaller resin parts (40mm and 20mm AA guns et al) will be added to this preview later in January. For further information contact Iron Shipwright.

Commanders Models, Inc.
Iron Shipwright Series
551 Wegman Road
Rochester, NY  14624
Phone: 1-888-IRONSHIP  (1-888-476-6744)
Email: dparis@eznet.net

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Plan view looking forward

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Midship plan view
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Midship profile
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Bridge levels
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Triple 14" and dual 16" turrets
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5" mounts, directors and funnel
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Gun tubs, boats, rafts, vents
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Midship plan view
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Plan view-note post rebuild beam
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