When the United States began building a fleet in the late 1880s and early 1890s, design theories were adopted from a number of different countries. No ship in the New Navy demonstrated French design theories more than the armored cruiser, USS Brooklyn. She had an extremely French appearance. The most remarkable feature was the high freeboard and extreme tumble home of her sides. Her rounded contours made for a most attractive design. The lozenge arrangement of her four turrets and heavy military masts with fighting tops were also characteristic of French designs. The three extremely tall and thin funnels of Brooklyn rounded out a design for a warship that would be instantly recognized. Brooklyn could not be confused with any other ship. Armed with eight eight-inch guns made her an exceptionally powerful cruiser for her day.

Iron Shipwright has just produced the Brooklyn in 1:350 scale. Featured below are a number of photographs of the ISW model. The hull and small parts are resin and the kit comes with three photo-etched brass frets. The Brooklyn from Iron Shipwright will be available in November 2002.

Hull Casting
Brooklyn6175spro.JPG (46117 bytes) Brooklyn6188ssternpro.JPG (53288 bytes) Brooklyn6187smidpro.JPG (58022 bytes) Brooklyn6186sbowpro.JPG (66635 bytes)
Brooklyn6179plan.JPG (49874 bytes) Brooklyn6182sternplan.JPG (76863 bytes) Brooklyn6181midplan.JPG (75326 bytes) Brooklyn6180bowplan.JPG (59694 bytes)
Brooklyn6176pbow.JPG (53488 bytes) Brooklyn6177sfq.JPG (58015 bytes) Brooklyn6183mid.JPG (64530 bytes) Brooklyn6184mid.JPG (66835 bytes)
Brooklyn6191pmid.JPG (65835 bytes) Brooklyn6192pmid.JPG (57458 bytes) Brooklyn6193saq.JPG (56166 bytes) Brooklyn6195midup.JPG (66988 bytes)
Brooklyn6196sfqup.JPG (51308 bytes) Brooklyn6197pfq.JPG (62013 bytes) Brooklyn6199pfq.JPG (64773 bytes) Brooklyn6201sa.JPG (64768 bytes)
Brooklyn6202bowon.JPG (30582 bytes) Brooklyn6205pbowup.JPG (79145 bytes) Brooklyn6206pmidup.JPG (69484 bytes) Brooklyn6207paup.JPG (63307 bytes)


Smaller Resin Parts
Brook6696turrets.JPG (91829 bytes) Brook6698stacks.JPG (102793 bytes) Brook6699stacks.JPG (90015 bytes) Brook6697lowermasts.JPG (96719 bytes)
Brook6687masts.JPG (130039 bytes) Brook6688boats.JPG (130845 bytes) Brook6689boatsd.JPG (110521 bytes)
Brook6690cranes.JPG (209232 bytes) Brook6693craned.JPG (53866 bytes) Brook6694struts.JPG (148935 bytes) Brook6695anchor.JPG (111431 bytes)
Brook6700vents.JPG (118004 bytes) Brook6702bri&plat.JPG (153813 bytes) Brook6704bri.JPG (75383 bytes)


Three Photo-Etched Brass Frets
Brook6661fret1.JPG (192977 bytes) Brook6662fret1D.JPG (113264 bytes) Brook6663fret1D.JPG (674926 bytes) Brook6664fret1D.JPG (100449 bytes)
Brook6665fret2.JPG (180904 bytes) Brook6666fret2d.JPG (84867 bytes) Brook6667fret2d.JPG (119020 bytes) Brook6668fret2d.JPG (111906 bytes)
Brook6669fret3.JPG (197154 bytes) Brook6670fret3d.JPG (98169 bytes) Brook6671fret3d.JPG (98195 bytes) Brook6672fret3d.JPG (86044 bytes)


Instruction Details
Brook6673Instd1.JPG (91320 bytes) Brook6675Instd3.JPG (89231 bytes) Brook6674Instd2.JPG (85336 bytes) Brook6676Inst4.JPG (67792 bytes)
Brook6677Inst5.JPG (63007 bytes) Brook6678Inst6.JPG (95836 bytes) Brook6679Inst7.JPG (92275 bytes)
Brook6680Inst8.JPG (64087 bytes) Brook6681Inst9.JPG (39798 bytes) Brook6682Inst10.JPG (84197 bytes)
Brook6683Inst11.JPG (62311 bytes) Brook6684Inst12.JPG (81765 bytes) Brook6685Inst13.JPG (73659 bytes) Brook6686Inst14.JPG (74285 bytes)

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