HMS Rodney is a 1/350 Scale Iron Shipwright kit, which I backdated to 1928from the kitís WW2 fit. The plating detail is pencil shading and the open boats are from White Ensign Models shells with scratch-built interiors. Railings are WEM. Awning stanchions are scratch-built, mast and forward director tower are scratch-built, and the accommodation ladder is adapted from a WEM photo-etched ladder. The sailing yacht is scratch-built Figures are GMM.

Rodney1[1]a.jpg (144107 bytes) Rodney4[1]a.jpg (226143 bytes) Rodney2[1]a.jpg (190213 bytes)
All photographs of the ISW Rodney, including title shot, were taken by Caroline Snyder and are the property of White Ensign Models.