A few months ago, I was surprised to see a small box from Commanders/Iron Shipwright among my mail. I opened it up to find a pair of tug hulls and packets of small resin parts. I contacted Ted Paris and he told me they were test castings of their forthcoming 143’ US Navy Auxiliary Fleet Tug /Ocean Rescue Tug (ATA/ATR) kit. Ted and Jon Warneke knew how much I enjoy tugboats so they thought I would like to build this pair.

ata4FB.jpg (108043 bytes) ata6FB.jpg (92788 bytes) ata1FB.jpg (77151 bytes)

I checked out the Navsource website to see if there were any photographs of these tugs and I found a good one of ATR-47 in a Measure 22 scheme. Further research uncovered that post-war, this tug was sold to Moran Towing and was modified for civilian service as the Edmund H. Moran II. So I then decided to build them steaming side by side in both liveries.

I added the gun tub and ammo locker to the ATR-47 model and I modified the kit to build the Moran version. The photo-etch was not yet designed so I used parts from leftover other sets to detail the models. They build up into neat models and they will be a welcome addition to anyone’s tug or auxiliary fleet.

Edmund H. Moran II
ata2FB.jpg (88759 bytes) ata5FB.jpg (109051 bytes) ata3FB.jpg (122174 bytes)

Felix Bustelo