The build of the Iron Shipwrights 1:350 Scale USS Boston was basically out of the box with a couple of exceptions:  

The compass and pelorus on the flying bridge are Paper Lab white metal fittings
I scratch-built the masts with brass rod using the kit's resin versions as a template along with the scale drawings that are included on the kit instructions.
I used wire for the amidships davits since the photo-etch versions were a little too short.
The bow shield and the ship's name and star on the transom are decals that I made myself
For the rigging I used .004 steel wire dipped in Blacken It.
Minimeca tubing was used for the 6" and 3-pounder guns.
I decided not to use the shields for the 8" guns to represent the ship as launched

The kit does a great job of capturing the beautiful lines of this protected cruiser that was a strange mix of the old sail navy and the new steel navy.

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Felix Bustelo