Here is my 1:350 scale USS California CGN-36 from Commanders/Iron Shipwright. I spent the better part of seven months on her and I added a bunch of extra stuff to the stock kit from Commanders. Most notably, I used Veteran Models accessories for the CIWS, SLQ-32 ECM, MK-38 Bushmaster guns, Mk-36 SRBOC chaff launchers, ASROC and SPG-51 missile directors. I can't say enough good things about the Veteran Models stuff.....if you have the means I HIGHLY recommend any of their is all nearly perfect and cast superbly ! I used .004 steel wire for the signal lines, HF aerials and guy lines on the NTDS bow antenna. It was my first time using the wire and I was quite pleased with the results. Oil washes were applied to highlight recesses and details in addition to a pastel chalk dusting for the decks. Figures (~ 50 or so) are from Gold Medal Models. A mix of White Ensign Models railings for main decks and Commanders railings for upper decks were used. Decals for the kit are excellent (thank you Darren Scannell !). As is my custom, I placed her under way in a seascape made from Liquitex acrylic gel. Thanks to my father-in-law for the nice oak base! I really enjoyed this build and I look forward to taking her to some upcoming competitions.

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Geoff Cook