Here are some photos of the Commanders/Iron Shipwright kit of USS CALIFORNIA CGN 36. It is their 1/350 scale resin kit. I used the following items to construct the CALIFORNIA :
Commanders/ISW CALIFORNIA in 1/350 scale.
Plastruct & Evergreen plastic sheet, tubes, & square tube.
Tom's Modelworks photo-etch handrails.
Humbrol Enamels (brushed).
Testors dull coat added after decals applied.
Squadron Green putty.

I started construction on the kit in December 2005 and have been at work on it other than a 4 month study break since then. It was finally finished last week. I researched the class from library books, and internet photos. In addition, I sought information with thanks from Jon at Commanders/ISW, Jaime Campbell, and Mike Boyd right at the start of my project. The last two chaps actually served on this vessel!
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Anyway, have always wanted the CALIFORNIA in 1/350 scale and I commend the manufacturer of the kit for providing for the lovers of the cold war era warships. Indeed, the first warship photo I ever remember from being very young was the CALIFORNIA , NIMITZ, & SOUTH CAROLINA sailing in formation and have always wanted models of these in large scale - dreams do eventually come true. I'm also building the Commanders/ISW VIRGINIA CGN 38 also in 1/350 scale as a running mate.

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John Sykes
, Australia