With the string of submarine models I have built these last several months, I felt it was imperative that I add a submarine rescue vessel.   This is the USS Chanticleer ASR-7, one of the newer 1:350 scale kits from Iron Shipwrights that was released without any fanfare, which is a shame because it is a really good kit.   Like all Iron Shipwrights kits in 1:350 scale, they build into a great model out of the box and you can add extra details like I did to make it even better.  I completed the model as a seascape as is my preference.  I placed the full hull models into an opening I made using two stacked pieces of poster board placed within a frame I made from basswood.  This saves me the trouble of having to cut down the hull with a Dremel tool or a razor saw.

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You can build any of the 9 ships in this class in her WW2 or early post-war fit.   USS Macaw was lost when she ran aground while trying to assist the submarine Flier which was also aground on a coral reef.  Macaw sank with five of her crew including her commanding officer.  The remaining ships in the class served for many years, some into the early 1990s.  USS Greenlet is still active in the Turkish Navy as TGC Akin. I added the following L’Arsenal items to my build: Resin crew figures ; 20mm Oerlikon Guns ; Resin acetylene/oxygen bottles ; Seats & sights for 3”/50 Guns from spares – brass wire used for barrels ; Rudder & props for 26’ whale boats from spares.

Felix Bustelo