Here are some photos of my USS Galveston build, based on the Iron Shipwright's 1/350 scale USS Denver class peace cruiser kit. I chose the Galveston because based on photos of her on Navsource the kit best represents her. At some point in her career the Galveston did not have the ornate scroll work on the bow and transom.

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This was a waterline casting that I requested from Ted Paris. The model is essentially built from the box with the masts being made from brass rod, thin brass wire for the rigging, home made decals for the shield on the bow and the ship's name on the transom. I added skylight sections from the Gold Medal Models Borodino set for the 5" gun casemates and those are L'Arsenal non-combat posed resin crew figures populating the deck. This was a fun kit to build of a very beautiful class of ships and in my opinion one of Iron Shipwright's best efforts.

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Felix "NYC Man About Town" Bustelo