This is my build of the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale HMS LCI(L)-125 kit, which is a short bridge British-design LCI.  HMS LCI(L)-125 was manned by a Royal Canadian Navy crew with LT. Charles R. Parker RCNVR in command  at the Invasion of Normandy.   She embarked troops from the Highland Light Infantry of Canada A Company and 1st Platoon D Company. Out of the box, the kit builds into a good model and it provides plenty of opportunities to add aftermarket and scratch-built details which is what I did. I replaced the kit’s 20mm guns with L’Arsenal versions, which offered the correct style of shield.  Other L’Arsenal bits included a 12” signal lamp to the front of the bridge, a chock aft and several of their photo-etch bicycles.   Photos from the invasion show Canadian troops riding down the ramps on bicycles so I finally found a reason to use the L’Arsenal bikes!  The bitts and compass are from Paper Lab and the propellers are leftovers from the photo-etch the White Ensign Models Fairmile D kit.

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I scratch-built the running lights, flag bag and stove pipe vents and all of the decals are home made with the exception of the maple leaf and white ensign which came from the Resin Shipyard decal set provided with their Ojibwa submarine kit. I used WEM Colourcoats paints: RN White, RN Anti-Fouling Red, B30 and MS2.  Photos always show flaws and admittedly the paint job could have been a bit neater.  This was the last model I did using my faulty Aztek airbrush which I have since deep-sixed and moved on to a nice new Badger. Overall this was a fun build and I would recommend this model to anyone including those wishing to give resin a try for the first time.

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Felix Bustelo
New York