Bravo Zulu Ė This two flag message hoist acknowledges fine ship handling or anything done in an exemplary or outstanding fashion. Perhaps you would like to fly that signal from your latest 1:350 scale warship. Or perhaps you have wished to fly an admiralís flag from your latest reproduction of a flagship but had no admiralís flag to indicate the presence of the admiral.

Maybe, you would like to portray something a little more exotic, such as the presence of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) aboard the ship or to indicate that Sunday services are being conducted. All of these require their own very specialized flag hoist. Now you can do it. 

Commanders/Iron Shipwright now carries a USN signal flag decal sheet in 1:350 scale. Produced by Hawk Graphics and licensed to ISW, the flag set is designed for current warships. As the instructions explain signal flags have changed to a certain extent since the 1960s. However, with research many of these flags could be utilized for earlier time periods.

About 60% of this sheet has signal flags and pennants. There is one flag for each letter of the alphabet and one flag for each number 0 through 9. Additionally there are fourteen pennants. Pennants zero through nine plus four extra pennants, one for code/answer and three different substitutes for a second flag. ISW provides five national ensigns in three sizes, as well as five bow jacks again in three different sizes. Then come the specialized flags. 

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There are five admiralís flags. There was an error on the sheet here. There are two Rear Admiral Lower Half (1 star), one Vice Admiral (3 stars), one Admiral (4 stars) and one Fleet Admiral (5 stars) flag but no flag for Rear Admiral Upper Half (2 stars). The instructions indicate that one of the 1 star flags should have been a 2 star flag but instead there are two 1 star flags. The Judge Advocate General flag (blue star on white), church service pennant (blue cross on white), golden anchor pennant (for exceeding reenlistment goals), red cross flag (for ships engaged in rescue work) are among the specialized flags included. There is also a US Coast Guard Ensign, a US Yacht Ensign and two nifty Rattlesnake "Donít Tread on Me" flags currently flown by the warships of the USN. 

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Flags arenít the only story with this set. How about 19 different squadron insignia with two decals per squadron. ISW provides decals for destroyer groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 12 and destroyer squadrons 1, 2, 6, 7, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 23 Little Beavers, 24, 26 & 28, plus an unidentified set of emblems with a blue 60 on yellow within a blue disc, apparently Destroyer Squadron 60. The instructions/key show five carrier groups 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 but they are not on the sheet. If you like fruit salad on your bridge, ISW provides four full sets but youíll need some high powered magnifiers to pick out the awards that you want to include, as well as a fine set of scissors or other paper cutters. The set is rounded out with an assortment of "E" for excellence awards and different departmental excellence insignia. These include CS, W, DC, A, D, C, Seamanship and Navigation awards.

Notably Commanders/Iron Shipwright provides a back-printed full color legend/key and instructions sheet. One side is in full color and identifies each squadron emblem, each campaign ribbon, and each excellence award. Additionally ISW provides 16 color photograph insets showing different emblems and insignia on warships, showing how they are worn. The other side of the instructions has half a page of explanatory notes on the usage of different flags and emblems, two paragraphs of instructions and a black and white reduced size photo of the decal sheet. This photograph indicates some of the common one flag signal hoists, such as commanding officer absent, divers underwater, man overboard, dangerous cargo, affirmative, keep clear, engaged in flight operations, I require assistance and stop your vessel.

flags8415inst.JPG (75349 bytes) flags8417keyemb.JPG (99941 bytes) flags8418keyrib1.JPG (89105 bytes)
flags8419keyrib2.JPG (82487 bytes) flags8420exel.JPG (102859 bytes) flags8421exel2.JPG (100893 bytes)
flags8422keyexmpl1.JPG (112572 bytes) flags8423keyexmpl2.JPG (82819 bytes) flags8424keyexmpl3.JPG (114979 bytes) flags8426.JPG (69564 bytes)

With the new 1:350 scale flag set from Commanders/ Iron Shipwright you can have your USN warship signal almost anything that you can think of and donít forget to take the JAG into battle on your tin can. This is a very versatile set with a lot of items. All hands, hoist Bravo Zulu for Commanders/Iron Shipwright.

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