Here are photos of a 1/350 scale model of the U.S.S. VIRGINIA CGN38. The VIRGINIA class were conceived as escorts to the NIMITZ class carriers and were designed about the same time as the SPRUANCE class destroyers. The class were an improvement over the previous CALIFORNIA design and had a fantail hangar. I've attempted to model VIRGINIA as she was in the late 1970's - harpoon fitted, but no CIWS, or Tomahawk box launchers. I built most of the model over the last Christmas / New Year break and was fairly easy to build - I reckon it took about the same time to finish and prepare as a DML SPRUANCE. Funnily enough, I found VIRGINIA much easy than my earlier CALIFORNIA build.

I used the following materials to build the model:-

A 1/350 scale Commanders/ISW VIRGINIA kit.
A DML 1/350 scale KIDD class kit.
Quantities of Evergreen styrene sheet.
Quantities of Plastruct strips & rounds.
Tom's 1/350 scale modern railings PE fret.
Squadron Green putty.
Zap a Gap.
Humbrol enamels.

CGN38js3.JPG (55634 bytes) CGN38js7.JPG (84737 bytes) CGN38js5.JPG (69286 bytes) CGN38js30.JPG (82707 bytes)
CGN38js6.JPG (49240 bytes) CGN38js10.JPG (69876 bytes) CGN38js26.JPG (47121 bytes) CGN38js29.JPG (74335 bytes)

A fairly expensive kit, I found the resin mold well designed and easy to prepare, and as I mentioned earlier was fairly easy to build for a moderately capable person such as myself. I scratched all the masts, under hull detail, pagoda decks, whilst DML came to the rescue by providing guns and other stuff from the KIDD. The Commanders/ISW kit also comes with a great decal sheet that allows you to model all ships in the class. Overall - a joy to behold and worth it in my eyes!!

John Sykes