The YMS (yard mine sweeper) is the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale model. I purchased it from Iron Shipwrights in Oak Ridge, Tennessee but the box states is it the Commander series Model. It has a resin hull with other resin parts for the forward hull, crane, vent, search lights, bridge and guns. The brass etched parts include the gun racks, depth charge racks, stairs, and railings. The mast parts are brass rods. Many of the smaller resin pieces especially the 20mm guns were broken. However, Iron Shipwrights replaced them at no cost with no questions asked. I consider this very good customer service. The hull itself perfect, with no defects I am used to making scale airplanes and NASCAR models which have detailed instruction sheets. I found this lacking in this model. One page showed how to make the depth charge racks and gun racks, another page showed how to put the shields on the 20 guns and the third page show a diagram of where these parts go on the ship. The sheets gives letters for the parts numbers but I had to refer to photographs of the real ships to determine the exact placement of these parts. There was no instructions as to how to put the rigging on. I found this to be lacking and once again referred to photographs. I have never worked with a model this small so it was very challenging to build it. 

yms743.jpg (130498 bytes) yms752.jpg (92847 bytes) yms753.jpg (104125 bytes)

My biggest complaint about the model kit is the lack of a detailed instruction sheet. For example there is nothing which indicates where the rudders, shafts and propellers go. This too required research of photos. The kit is right out of the box except for adding the rigging, the American flag and the lettering. I built it as it is the only model of a YMS available and I wanted to give it to my 82 year old brother in law as a tribute to his service during WWII. I used rub on lettering for the YMS6 designations.

Gordon King