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JAG Collective, Inc
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A Note From JAG Collective, Inc.

Our ships will come packaged in black tubes with glossy labels on both ends of the tube. We are also working on a retail display and will provide them to shops as needed. The tubes give us the strongest shipping container that takes up as little room as possible.

Our focus will be post WW2 US Navy ships with an occasional WW2 subject as well. Resin kits will be cast in a light gray resin, and will include brass parts that are unique to the ship, i.e. radar arrays, helicopter safety netting and the like. Since experience has shown us that most kit builders don't use railing, we will not include it in most kits to keep the cost of production down. We will have our own selection of brass detail parts down the line.


These prices are retail and do not include any tax or shipping charges.
Contact us regarding wholesale prices. We will be taking direct orders as
well as providing kits to distributors like Pacific Front Hobbies.

Product/Price List as of 21 September 2002
Item # Scale Description Price
JAG001 700 USS Gearing FRAM-1965 
Click on Photo for Review
JAG002 350 USS Asheville PG-1965
JAG003 350 PT-200 Higgins 78' PT Boat
JAG004 700 USS Long Beach-1964  
Click on Photo for Review
JAG005 700 SSN Skipjack class (3 EA)
JAG006 700 SSN Sturgeon with DSRV (3 EA)
JAG007 700 USS Albany CG 10 
Click on photo for Review
JAG008 700 Stealth Carrier, #2
JAG009 700 USS Austin, LPD
JAG010 700 SSN Permit (3 ea.)
JAG012 700 USS Newport, LST-1179 Click on photo for Review.
JAG014 700 USS Bainbridge, CGN-25 - Click on photo for Review. 


JAG015 700 USS Virginia, CGN-38 - Click on photo for Review.
JAG016 700 USS California CGN 36  - Click on Photo for Build and Review
JAG017 700 USS Sumner FRAM 1 DD , #2  
JAG019 700 USCG Bear (Medium Endurance Cutter), #2  
JAG021 700 USCG Hamilton FRAM (High Endurance Cutter), #2, #3  
Click on photo for Review.
JAG022 700 USCG Hamilton early (High Endurance Cutter)  
JAG023 700 USS McCloy (Bronstein Class Frigate) , #2, #3
JAG024 700 USS Raleigh, LPD  Coming Soon TBD
JAG025 700 USS Anchorage, LSD  Click on photo for Review.
JAG026 700 USS Ashland, LSD  Coming Soon TBD
JAG028 700 USS Sacramento  Click on photo for Review.


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