HMS Hood

Italeri 1:700 Scale Kit
Built and Photographed
James Kloek

My 1:700 scale HMS Hood is close to being an out-of-the-box build. I did add photoetched parts from the WEM 1/700 Hood fret and from GMM's generic stuff.  The WEM brass includes 8 barreled pom-poms and crane rigging. I added GMM figures as well. I wanted to represent Hood in the early to mid '30s, as she would have looked at anchor. The Italeri kit is very nice, and in many ways is superior to the Tamiya kit. It has the armour belts for instance. Clearly it also represents the Hood before her pre-war major refit. The rigging is stretched sprue. The water is acrylic gel, and I painted it using a technique Rusty White described somewhere on the internet. I attempted to match the colors on the Hood to the Snyder and Short paint chips.   

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Quarterdeck-not figures
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Nice Closeup
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And another excellent shot
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