Tom's Modelworks
USS West Virginia


Built and Phototgraphed
Joe Kreutz

The cage-masted battleship USS West Virginia, a remnant of another era, was sunk at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. Subsequently raised, she underwent a radical overhaul in which she gained 16 feet of beam and lost her distinctive cage masts. 

Joe Kreutz's 1/350 scale USS West Virginia depicts the ship as it appeared immediately prior to her sinking. He built the model essentially out-of-the-box using the Tom's Modelworks kit, the only additions being rigging and decals.

Click on the thumbnail photographs below to view more excellent photos of this beautiful model. And click here for a look at the box contents of the Tom's Modelworks USS West Virginia kit.

WV aft cage mast.jpg (43312 bytes)
Aft cage mast

WV aft profile.jpg (38815 bytes)
Aft profile
WV midship detail 02.jpg (55980 bytes)
Quarterdeck detail
WV fwd cage.jpg (40498 bytes)
Forward cage mast
WV midship detail.jpg (76138 bytes)
Midship and quarterdeck
WV bow profile.jpg (25891 bytes)
Bow profile
WV bridge.jpg (48148 bytes)
Bridge and boat deck
WV quarterdeck profile.jpg (33073 bytes)
Aft profile
WV bow plan view.jpg (31397 bytes)
Bow plan view
WV profile.jpg (19731 bytes)
Profile view
WV aft plan view.jpg (50812 bytes)
Aft plan view
WV float planes.jpg (31307 bytes)
Float planes
WV aft cage and planes.jpg (33965 bytes)
Quarterdeck profile view
WV head on.jpg (20902 bytes)
Bow head on

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