These are some first impressions of the new 1/700 scale kit by L'Arsenal, representing a French Escorteur d'escadre of typeT-47B. These destroyers, together with their half-sisters of type T-53 were the last French all-gun destroyers. They proved to be a very successful design, and in the early/mid 1960s, four of them were converted to Tartar missile-armed AAW escorts. The rest were converted into ASW escorts in the late 1960s, sporting ASW missile launchers. Most of this class remained in service until into the 1980s.

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The L'Arsenal kit is actually representing the lead-ship of this class, SURCOUF D-621, in her first fit, but decals are provided for all ships of type T-47. Since the differences between the ships of this type were only minimal at this state of fit, virtually every ship of this class can be built from this kit. A nice feature is that the davits are included as resin parts - which I prefer - and as photo-etch parts, which some others might like better. As far as I know, the later conversions of this type as well as the half sisters of type T-53 are somewhere on the schedule with L'Arsenal.

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