L'Arsenal Photo-Etched Brass Frets


Voila, Les Portes
USN Doors & Hatches Fret in 1:350 Scale from L'Arsenal

There are doors and there are DOORS. L'Arsenal has just produced an extraordinary fret of USN World War Two doors and hatches in 1:350 scale. Doors are mundane items but L'Arsenal raised the bar on photo-etch in the production of this fret. This fret (AC 350-09) contains 317 doors and hatches in 23 different styles, not including variations for right or left side hinges. Some of the items included are turret doors, deck hatches, and various wood doors for transports & freighters. The most intriguing feature is the inclusion of open door sills. Now you can model open doors with the door swung open from the sill. The implications for super-detailed dioramas are obvious. Just look at the photographs and judge for yourself.
LArsenaldoors5067fret20v.JPG (256130 bytes) LArsenaldoors5060det.JPG (128351 bytes) LArsenaldoors5061det.JPG (115409 bytes) LArsenaldoors5062det.JPG (115540 bytes)
LArsenaldoors5063det.JPG (127165 bytes) LArsenaldoors5065det.JPG (123152 bytes) LArsenaldoors5066det.JPG (116692 bytes) L'Arsenaldoors5059inst.JPG (118757 bytes)

L'Arsenal photo-etched brass frets, along with the rest of the extensive line of accessories in multiple scales is available directly from L'Arsenal.

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