First Look at the Tripartite Class Minehunter, 
1/350 Scale from L'Arsenal

L'Arsenal of France has just released models of the modern Tripartite Class Minehunter in 1:350 and 1:400 scales. This class, built in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, is one of the major classes in the modern mine warfare arena. This full hull model is the topic of a forthcoming build-up review. 

Tripartite2144box.JPG (70740 bytes) Tripartite2148PE.JPG (113366 bytes) Tripartite2172pro.JPG (34885 bytes) Tripartite2175plan.JPG (32727 bytes)


Tripartite2151small.JPG (60305 bytes) Tripartite2149decals.JPG (51347 bytes) Tripartite2176fqres.JPG (55377 bytes) Tripartite2186bridgeres.JPG (43550 bytes)


Tripartite2189sternq.JPG (31104 bytes) Tripartite2190aftsup.JPG (20469 bytes) Tripartite2191sterndeck.JPG (31542 bytes) TTripartite2192up.JPG (34739 bytes)